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The Pepperony 200 Challenge

The Second Tony/Pepper 100 Challenge

The Tony/Pepper 200 Challenge
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The Second Tony Stark/Pepper Potts 100 Theme Challenge
Hello everyone, and welcome to The Second Tony/Pepper 100 Challenge!

This community is a continuation of The Tony/Pepper 100 Challenge. Here, you can find a whole new table of different prompts numbered 101-200. Whether you're stuck on a prompt or just looking for something else to write, the Tony/Pepper fan in you will find something to write!

And a BIG Thank You to jezunya for starting it all! I shamelessly dedicate this to you. XD


The rules for this community are pretty much the same as those over at Pepperony100, so please follow accordingly.

- All posts must be Tony/Pepper oriented, either as a couple or seperate. No other pairings, please.

- All posts in this community must be fics. Please do not post fic requests or questions in a general post.

- You can only use one theme per fic, or one theme per chapter if your fic has more than one chapter.

- All fics must be new. Please do not post a fic for the second time if you have previously posted it here.

- RATE ACCORDINGLY. If there are elements present such as stong violent, launguage, or sexual content, it should be rated R or NC-17.

- Please used the fake cut/ LJ cut to post your fics under not matter what the length. A short heading and a fake cut is all that needs to be seen up front.

- Only fics from the 200 list are allowed here. If you have a fic that pertains to numbers 1-100 on the Pepperony100 list, please post them there. You can only post fics based on theme numbers 101-200 in this community. No additions, please.


Again, these are the same basic ideas behind those found at Pepperony100, seeing as this is also a 100 community.

- Your fic can be of any length. It doesn't matter how long or short, we all love as much pepperony as we can get!

- Feel free to conquer the prompts out of order. I do it and so does everyone else.

- Please TAG - YOUR - ENTRIES! Just three little tags to keep stuff organized.

>> Author (author-YOURUSERNAME)

>> Rating (rating-G thru R/K thru M, or NC17)


- When posting, please use this heading followed by the fake cut that will lead to your fic:

>> Title:

>> Author:

>> Theme:

>> Rating:

>> Length:

>> Summary:


- The Tony/Pepper 100 Theme Challenge

- The Tony&Pepper Livejournal Community

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